Navigating the Airport with Autism

The Autistic Autism Consultant
Feb 08, 2024By The Autistic Autism Consultant

5 Things that Make the Airport Easier for People with ASD

The airport can be overwhelming for the most calm of people. That said for those of us on the spectrum, it can be a nightmare of anxiety that leads to complete avoidance of air travel, as it has for me for the most part since TSA became a part of the process. There are just too many rules and steps for my limited capacity for executive functioning to manage under such extreme sensory input.

I've been working on my challenges with overstimulation, meltdowns, and flying for the last 4 months.

I don't have any issues once I get on the plane. My challenges are all based around navigating the airport, TSA, and boarding. I had my first trip last week with no meltdowns, panic attacks, or rescue (as needed) medications!!

Some things have changed around the airport process that have made traveling by plane much less anxiety-provoking for me than it was before the pandemic. Maybe they can help you too? Please share your travel experiences below. Do you find it harder or easier to travel in 2024? Keep trying, Kara

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Made it through TSA, gate check, and onto the plane without meds or anxiety!

Click here to watch the video and find out the 5 things.