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Hello and welcome to The Autistic Autism Consultant. My name is Kara Nash. I am an adult with Level I Autism. I am also a mental health RN with over 20 years of experience working with patients and their families in a variety of settings.

I am a certified "Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist" and have over 500 hours of continuing education in autism-related information and have presented at local and regional autism conferences.

The Autistic Autism Consultant grew out of a desire to hear more autistic voices involved in caring for people on the spectrum.  

Autism and how it affects people is my biggest special interest. My passion is helping people understand their physical and mental health in order to decrease the shame, discomfort, isolation, anxiety, and depression that can come along with an autism diagnosis. 

Working with a trained medical professional, who is also on the autism spectrum, is potentially the best way to understand autism and how to best work with its challenges. 

(You wouldn’t expect a sighted person to have a nuanced explanation of what it’s like to be blind. It's equally unreasonable to expect a neurotypical provider to have a rich understanding of autism.)

My story is one story. As we say, if you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person. That said, in my career, I've worked with hundreds of people on the spectrum and have been lucky enough to do presentations and provide educational interactions for hundreds more.

**** lgbtqia2s+ friendly ****

All appointments must be made, at least, 1 week ahead of time, due to my own executive functioning challenges. Thank you.

Pricing (ESA+ provider)


1:1 Sessions with Clients or Parents

$140 - $180

Virtual visits are $140 an hour. Office visits and walking sessions are $150 an hour. In-home sessions within Buncombe County, NC are $180 an hour. Sessions that are not cancelled at least 8 hours ahead of time will be billed at the rate of $50.

Medical and Mental Health Office Visit Support



I will meet you and/or your loved one at the prescriber's office or come to your home if it's a virtual visit. We will pre-plan what we'd like to get accomplished for the visit and then I will advocate from an autistic nurse's perspective to try and decrease the number of visits needed and the stress of trying to communicate in an overwhelming atmosphere. WIth your permission and a Release of Information, I can also communicate directly with your prescribers and relay information via the patient portal in a way that they will understand.

Public Speaking/Training Inquiries (In Person and Virtual)

$850 and up

free 30 minute Zoom consult to discuss details

Customized to meet the needs of the company or organization. Price is dependent on programming and the length of the presentation/ training. I give discounts to schools, first responders /LEO agencies, medical offices, and therapy offices.