Autism on Autism: a Therapist's Request for Input Around a 10-yr who needs cueing

The Autistic Autism Consultant
Apr 01, 2024By The Autistic Autism Consultant

Autism on Autism is a new series where I take comments and questions that professionals are asking on Facebook and Reddit type platforms and break down my opinions and perspectives on the questions based on my lived experience as someone on the spectrum and my work with people on the spectrum as a mental health RN, an Autism Spectrum Disorder Certified Specialist, and countless number of people I've seen in my private practice. My opinion is one opinion. Take what's helpful and leave the rest.

I'd be curious to hear the opinions of both others on the spectrum and parents with a child on the spectrum in the comments. I was considering turning this into a regular series if there's interest.

A therapist or paid support is attempting to do the best they can for their client on the spectrum based on meeting the current moment. I've seen what these decisions that are not considering the long term do to adults on the spectrum and often, although well intended, they cause damage.

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